Praise from our local patients...

From Joan

Hi all!

I wanted to tell you how Advanced Allergy and Wellness Solutions helped me.  I have acid reflux and received treatment from them and the intensity has decreased so much after treatment.  I plan to go back for other treatments.  They are wonderful and I highly recommend them.

Joan in Omaha, NE

From Laurie Rouse

The only reason I underwent treatments with Advanced Allergy & Wellness Solutions for my severe cat allergy was to support my friends in their new business venture. I "knew" it wouldn't work but I would never disclose that to them. I have had asthma my whole life. I spent most of my youth in & out of hospitals. My asthma wasn't helped with the dogs & cats we had while I was growing up or by a mother who chain smoked. When I was a junior in high school I had such a severe attack I was in the intensive care unit & my parents were told I wouldn't live through the night. Thankfully, the doctors were wrong.

There was no such thing as inhalers or breathing treatments available for home use back then, as there are today. I have several family members that have cats & before visiting them I would have to use my inhalers & take Prednisone (a steroid). I would have to repeat these meds , perhaps 2 to 4 more times if I were to stay there over 3 or 4 hours. Even with these medications I would go home with chest tightness, wheezing and severe coughing that took hours to go away.

Fast forward to this year. After three treatments with Advanced Allergy & Wellness Solutions, I am no longer dependent on my inhalers or Prednisone. I have been in my sister's home (who has 2 cats,) several times. The last time I was there for 6 hours. I had absolutely no asthmatic reactions.  I will admit that while there I experience a very mild eye sensation that isn't uncomfortable or itchy & subsides shortly after I leave.

I went from doubter to believer.

Laurie Rouse RN, BSN, CRNI, VA-BC


From Daniel Tunink

My allergies were very severe. I was sent to an allergist and they did some "definitive" tests. These tests diagnosed strong allergy reactions to many trees and almost all grasses. My family doctor suggested I move to Arizona to escape many of the pollens. Allergy shots and and over-the-counter meds have not helped.

I was treated in April 2015 at Advanced Allergy & Wellness Solutions. Since that therapy, to my amazement, I have had no allergic reactions to trees or grasses and feel comfortable outside.

From Mitch Hundley

When I was 18 years old I began having acid reflux on a normal basis. I was in the best shape of my life at the time, playing college football. Over the next 10 years, I had to take Zantac 2 times a day every day, and frequently get up in the night to take tums to stay asleep. The past year I began taking Prevacid, which seemed to do the trick, but has lasting effects that worried me. Cindy (a practitioner at Advanced Allergy & Wellness Solutions) treated me for acid reflux and other digestive issues, and since, I have yet to take any OTC medications for my acid reflux. I would highly recommend anyone with similar conditions to have the treatments done.

Mitch Hundley
Carrolton HS Geometry
Head Boys Basketball
Asst. Football

From Lorraine of Harrington Nebraska

For several years, I had experienced hives on the back of my head and neck with no indication of its source. Around 1998, the clues came together and I discovered that I was allergic to ibuprofen.  I switched to Aleve then Motrin. After just a couple of doses of any anti-inflammatory, I experienced ping pong sized welts and hives.  Any medicine that would help take care of inflammation led to this problem.

I jumped at the chance when I learned about Advanced Allergy & Wellness Solutions. I did have my doubts as it just sounded too good to be true.

In February 2015, I had my one evaluation and treatment with Karla and Cindy. These practitioners discovered that I was also sensitive to caffeine (not good news to this coffee drinker) and some flavonoids in vegetables (equally not good news to this person trying to lose weight). They treated me for both. The therapy was very easy, painless and, to tell the truth, interesting, and kind of fun.

Approximately 3 weeks later, I had a nagging headache that I couldn't get rid of and decided to try ibuprofen - I have to say I had my Benadryl handy, but I didn't need it. This time, I had no hives, no welts, and not even an itch!  A week later, after twisting my back, I took Aleve without any problem!!!

I'm so pleased and relieved to have this behind me. 

Thank you, Thank you, Cindy and Karla!!


From Phil of Omaha, Nebraska

I want to thank Karla Tunink of Advance Allergy & Wellness Solutions. I have had reactions to nuts where my tongue would be irritated and swell some. She treated me and now I am able to eat nuts and pies with no negative reactions. No more swollen tongue when eating walnuts or pineapple. Thank you!

From Matthew of Omaha, Nebraska

I don't believe in magic, but it is working!  Thank you Julie of Advanced Allergy & Wellness Solutions.

From Corinne Hundley

I have been allergic to cats since I was a kid. I would get itchy watery eyes, runny nose and uncontrollable sneezing. When I started my new job as a home health physical therapist assistant I ran into a lot of troubles as many of my patients had indoor cats. It was disruptive to my work and to my life and nothing seemed to help! I sought help from Advanced Allergies and Wellness and can now enter into any home with cats with ease! I can even pet them!! It has been such a life changer and blessing

Stories from AAT patients from all over...

If you had told me just a few months ago that I would soon be eating cheese dip with corn chips I would have thought you were crazy. It had been over 15 years since I had purposefully eaten any dairy and over 20 years for corn. But thanks to the AAT treatments, I indeed am now able to eat this and more without intense pain and lots of time in the bathroom because of IBS. Two weeks ago I was treated for potatoes and enjoyed my first baked potato in over 25 years! Treatments were completed in a short amount of time, without needles, and by very friendly staff. It has been wonderful to go to restaurants without having to talk to the manager and to the grocery store without having to read all the ingredients. Thank you!"
Jill - Sterling, VA

"I have suffered from seasonal allergy symptoms for the last 20 years. As a native Washingtonian, I have always dreaded the new blooms of springtime. For me, they meant terrible itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing and congestion. A friend told me about the AAT treatments. I decided that since the allergy medications, inhalers, and eye drops I've taken haven't worked over the last several years, why not give it a try. I was fascinated, and I admit, a little skeptical, of the process. I decided to be a true test case and didn't take any of the medications I usually take this time of year. I told many of my friends and family about the treatments I was receiving and suggested they wait to see if it actually worked for me. I'm told this spring has brought about record pollen levels and more allergy sufferers than previous years. I didn't take one allergy pill, or any other medication and I have been great. The best thing - no itchy eyes. I am so impressed that now my 9-year-old daughter is getting treated for her seasonal allergy symptoms. She is so thrilled with the positive results that she shares with her classmates and friends, who are suffering, how great the treatments are. I have also referred many friends who have seen the success I have had. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers from seasonal allergy symptoms"Laura, Potomac Falls, VA

 "Astounding" doesn't come close to what AAT has achieved with me. After 28 years of Acid Reflux, 100's of bottles of Maalox and countless Prilosec OTC pills I now have an Acid Reflux FREE life! AAT's unique approach to these types of issues just works.  I would highly recommend to anyone that you call and try the treatment if you have acid symptoms or reflux issues.  You have nothing to lose but your symptoms."James – Fairfax, VA

“I used to get a rash that would be very itchy when I would wear certain types of jewelry.  A friend told me about the AAT therapy and I thought I would give it a try.  After just one treatment, I can now wear jewelry that I have not been able to wear for years, without any rashes or itching.  Thank you.“Margie -  Leesburg, VA

"I've lived in Northern Virginia for 15 years now and had accepted my seasonal allergies and daily doses of OTC allergy medicine for just as long. When I heard that my pollen and dust symptoms could be "relieved" in just a few sessions without invasive treatments, I was a bit skeptic but definitely interested. Well, it's been 3 months since my first and only session (30 minutes!) at the start of the summer and I am still Alavert-free!!! I can't wait for my next treatment to get ahead of my ragweed symptoms before Sept. 1st hits. Thank you for this breakthrough therapy...with a smile."Angela - Fairfax, VA

"When my sister-in-law told me about the AAT treatments and how they helped my niece, I was really surprised and hopeful that they would be able to do the same for me. It wasn't until after I got assessed that I finally figured out what was contributing to my symptoms - both indoors and outdoors. I was even more surprised to find out that I was having a negative reaction to dogs, especially since I have two at home. I decided to get treated for dogs that day and the next day I saw for myself that it worked! Before I could only be around my dogs for short periods of time because I would develop a stuffy nose and sometimes hives. After the treatment, I was around both dogs even to the point that they were in my face without having to take any medications or having any symptoms. The experience was not painful at all, and the staff was very helpful and informative. I was very pleased with the results and have been recommending them to my friends and family."
Cheryl - Suffolk, VA

"I had eczema for over 7 years. I used to use steroids every few days for years but the eczema would keep coming back. After a few treatments, I don't have any eczema symptoms and don't need to use any medications.  I also had a chronic cough for over 10 years. My doctor thought it was reflux. However, after only a few treatments my cough is almost completely gone."Anthony - Leesburg, VA

"I never realized I was reactive to animals until I moved in with my boyfriend, who has 2 dogs and a cat. Since I moved in, I have had constantly itching eyes, itchy skin and have been sneezing non-stop. I had 2 AAT treatments, for dogs and cats. Since getting the treatments, I have not had any symptoms at all when I am around any of the animals. The treatment was quick and painless, but the best part is that I was symptom-free the next day!  I can now enjoy hanging out in the house with my boyfriend and his pets. It's been great!" Melanie - Arlington, VA

"My daughter used to have stomach cramping, nausea and diarrhea every day, no matter what she ate. We tried an elimination diet for her and found that she was reacting to several major food groups and additives. A friend of mine had great results with the AAT treatments that she received for her hay fever symptoms so I thought I would give it a try for my daughter, as I had nothing to lose and was out of traditional treatment options. My daughter received 6 treatments and can now eat whatever she wants without any symptoms. I am completely amazed at the results and my daughter couldn't be happier. I am sending my husband in next!" Julia - Vienna, VA

"From a very young age, we noticed that my daughter had itchy rashes on the backs of her legs. As I, her mother, had experienced eczema as a child, I did not think much about it and just treated the symptoms. When my daughter was about 2, a doctor suggested that we eliminate some foods from her diet to see if her rashes would clear up. As soon as we cut dairy, we noticed that her rashes began to clear up. Wanting to test the theory, we tried giving her dairy again with the same resulting rashes. Through the years, we discovered that any food that was even labeled "contains dairy" would make her legs break out and itch. Our daughter is now six years old and was recently treated with the AAT therapy. Within 48 hours of her treatment, we were able to feed her real dairy with no rashes. She now eats cheese and yogurt daily, and enjoys ice cream on special occasions like a normal child. We have been truly amazed at the speed with which the treatment worked." Katherine - Manassas, VA

"I have had migraine headaches and fatigue for over 10 years. After a few treatments, I have fewer headaches and more energy. I am very happy with my results." Tamami Geminden - Leesburg, VA

"I have been suffering with sinus symptoms for over 10 years now. In the beginning it started with sneezing in the spring but then over the years it moved into daily congestion. I could control it at first with OTC medications but they made me really tired and they were expensive.  I received several AAT treatments and have not had any sneezing or congestion since the treatments.  I am very happy that I can now breathe out of my nose without congestion.  Thank you." Ben - Leesburg, VA

"I have suffered with food and environmental allergy symptoms my entire life. I was supposed to "grow out of them....". I've had the shots (twice a week, one in each arm) for years. I have countless pills, nasal sprays, and various inhalers. In addition, I've been plagued with skin reactions, from eczema to rashes, which were treated with various topical creams. I have just started my AAT treatments and already, my stomach cramping and near constant bloating is a thing of the past. My sinuses have opened up and my asthma doesn't flare up when I run. I now have a glimpse of what it feels like to be "normal" and athletic. I am excited to continue my treatments, to see how great I can feel. Most of all, I'm grateful to find a solution instead of the constant money I spent treating symptoms with no true relief." Nicole - Alexandria, VA

"I came ... for one last try at figuring out what was wrong with my body. I knew food was part of it. That's why AAT sounded interesting to me. My body was inflamed, my weight fluctuated 10 to 15 pounds, I was in constant pain, had little to no energy, random rashes on my face and sometimes in my mouth, many stomach problems, couldn't sleep, and my emotions were all over the place. I was at a total loss and felt completely hopeless. [My practitioner] made me feel very comfortable and safe right of the bat. She has so much knowledge and is so passionate about AAT and its abilities to help people that I put myself in her hands and am so thankful that I did. AAT has practically cured me of all my symptoms! It totally blows my mind!! I don't know how I lived the way I did for so long and to finally feel like a normal person is amazing. Thank you for giving my life back!" KO

"I heard about AAT from my friend. I was diagnosed with acid reflux years ago and didn't want to take that medication forever. After one treatment two months ago, my reflux is reduced 80% and I no longer need a prescription." ~ Homemaker, 40s

"What did you do?! I can drink coffee again without a headache, and I can wear makeup again too! I haven't been able to put on eyeshadow in 30 years, and now I can paint my face all day long without a breakout!" ~ J.H., 50s

"I am not sure what you did but my back pain has almost completely disappeared since my AAT treatment. I haven't even been taking my Tramadol. This is the first time in 3.5 years that I don't have this pain that was consuming me--upper back and lower back--since the car accident. I do have arthritis and fibromyalgia and was really worried about this winter coming because the pain was starting early this year (before the end of the summer), and the pain from that has been minimal since the treatment (four weeks ago)." ~ D.C., 66 years old

"The treatment I received at Wellivation was easy and comfortable.  My headaches caused by weather pressure changes are now a problem of the past.  I don't suffer before a rainstorm....but now I have to rely on the meteorologists for predictions because my head doesn't hurt!!" ~ B.O., 64 years old

"My sinus congestion is 40% improved after the one treatment. Now I need treatment for grasses so I can golf without it acting up." ~ Retired pilot, 60s
"I was treated nearly 6 years ago for fatigue, digestive distress, respiratory symptoms and headaches due to foods, seasonal allergies, cats, and other substances. I still require no allergy medication, and can still eat apples and bananas without my lips swelling! Best of all, I can spend time with and even own a cat now that my face doesn't swell up!" ~ Owner, 30s 

This is What Others Are Saying

I had been suffering with allergy symptoms for longer than I care to remember and this year was enough.  This was the first time my reactions had left me physically exhausted.  Cut grass was the chief culprit. I'd heard and read good things about the Del Vecchio Clinic and I wanted to give this a try. After a course of treatment, I mowed the lawn and trimmed bushes to the point of being so covered in grass and dirt that my wife demanded I rinse off prior to coming back in.  I told her I was ready to do this without a mask.  Happy to say, not so much as a sneeze during all of this.  I haven't breathed this well and enjoyed the smell of the outdoors in so long I can't remember.  Before the treatments began, doing what I did would have required several hot showers in the evening just to breathe, including a cocktail of allergy medications and Benadryl at night so I could attempt to sleep followed by avoiding the outdoors altogether today in order to recover.  I feel free again.  Thank you a million times!

By the way, I can also drink milk products with impunity again.  I haven't been able to do that in years.- Scott

Truly, truly speechless, dumbfounded . . . I wanted to take the time to send a heartfelt thank you to you both for your services at the Del Vecchio Clinic. When I came to you I was desperate, with my allergy symptoms getting progressively worse year after year and I'd hit a wall where my both my eyes and nostrils were itchy, watery faucets and my sinuses felt as if they were in a constant throbbing vise grip. I CANNOT BELIEVE what you've done for me!!! I'm in true shock. My sinus pressure became nearly non-existent, my nose and eyes were not itchy and they were barely watering. Eventually, all of my allergy symptoms were gone! Can't thank you enough. - Jonathan

I have to share. The Del Vecchio clinic changed my life. I had lived on the edge of starvation for several years because it seemed that everything I ate made me sick. I would eliminate something because it would make me sick and then something else would start making me sick. I was down to almost nothing. Then a friend gave me their number. I called thinking maybe they could help with some of them. WOW! Did they! After just a few treatments they have me eating anything I want. I used to live in fear of getting something that would really make me sick. Now I no longer live in fear of food. I am even eating sugar and that was a HUGE issue for me. Thank you so much! I am not only thankful to God for food now; I am thankful that I can actually eat it and not be sick. Thanks again. - Kelli

My son Dan was 2 ½ weeks old when I took him to Sam for a horrible rash he’d had since he was a few days old.  It turns out he was reactive to my breast milk—poor kid!  With one treatment, the rash completely disappeared and I have a much happier, hungrier little boy.  – Wendy

My son, Andy is two and a half.  Every spring and summer of his life we’ve fought recurring ear infections.  He wouldn’t have a cold and would show no symptoms until it was a really bad double ear infection.  Many times they’d catch the ear infections on a “well child” visit.  And of course, they’d want to treat them with antibiotics, which usually took at least 2 rounds to knock it out.  Last summer, after a horrible ear infection that would not leave, I began giving him Zyrtec daily at the suggestion of a doctor, hoping this would help keep his sinuses drained and keep the ear infections at bay.  This year, when spring came around and he started pulling on his ears and smacking the sides of his head, I took him to Sam.  After one treatment for plant phenolics, Andy was completely better.  I continued the Zyrtec for a few days as a precaution, but when I stopped, the ear troubles didn’t start.  We’re now in June and Andy has had no troubles with his ear at all this spring.  Thank you Sam and AAT! –Beverly

I started getting debilitating migraines in middle school that stayed with me through high school and college.  When I was 20, I went to see a traditional allergist, in the hopes that this would help my headaches.  I was diagnosed with many food and environmental allergies, corn, peanuts and grapes being the worst among the foods.  During this time I was also diagnosed with clinical depression/bipolar disorder and put on more drugs to treat that, without great success. I did a little research on corn and found that it is in literally everything. Immediately upon cutting corn out of my diet, my headaches improved.  It took several months to figure out all the hidden sources of corn and even years later I still would goof occasionally.  When I discovered that all medicines have corn in some form in them, I went off my depression medications and my lingering depression disappeared.  

Removing all the corn from my life made a huge difference in my quality of life, but there were frustrations.  The longer I’d been corn-free, the more sensitive I became.  I couldn’t eat out at any restaurants.  I couldn’t go over to a friend’s house and have a meal.  Even the smell of “regular food” would give me a migraine—when there was a potluck at church, I had to stay home. Then I heard about AAT in an online forum for corn allergic people.  One of the most sensitive women on the forum went to a practitioner of AAT and suddenly, she could eat out!  She could go to the grocery store without getting sick!  Simple things for most people, but for those of us with corn allergies, dangerous things to do.  As soon as I discovered there was a Asheville AAT clinic, I made an appointment.  After only 3 treatments, I could eat normally.  I went out and ate a pepperoni pizza.  I made myself popcorn and nachos and had absolutely no troubles eating them.  The first time I went to the grocery store after my AAT treatments, I was completely overwhelmed.  I could buy anything.  After having to read labels for years and being so very limited in my safe choices, there were no longer any limitations.  I went home without buying anything—there were too many choices!

 I am so grateful to Sam and Lucia for the incredible difference AAT has made in my quality of life.  I have freedom in what I eat, where I go and how I spend my money (buying allergen-free groceries is a very expensive proposition!).  It’s completely bizarre not to be the girl with all the wacky food allergies.  I can accept invitations from others to eat at their houses and not worry that I’ll pay for it for days afterward.  Some friends threw me a baby shower recently and I was able to eat EVERYTHING they brought—meatballs, cake, corn chips.  It was wonderful for all of us to be able to share food with friends; food is such an important part of friendship (especially in the South!) and I’m glad I can take part again. - Jennie

The treatment for sugars has had a profound effect on me. Lots of things about my demeanor, cravings (chocolate/sweets), focus and other “personality” symptoms have suddenly become non-existent. My wife noticed the day after the treatment that “something” has changed in me. I think that my reactions to sugar were far more severe than I or anyone had realized. I’m more alert, less depressed and significantly less anxious about things. Treatment to sugar has so far made the most dramatic and noticeable change in my wellbeing. Thanks to both of you! - Josh 

After suffering from seasonal allergies and practically year-round congestion for years and years I came to the Del Vecchio Clinic. Sam and Lucia were both were personable and offered a gentle and helpful approach to the treatment--best of all, my symptoms were completely relieved!! And, which I don't cease to be amazed by, my sinuses have been completely clear since the treatment! Thank you!- Chall

The flowers are blooming here and haven't had to take any Claritin . . . Thanks to you I believe. - Tom

I was allergic to hot peppers all my life and after one treatment, I was able to actually eat one with no reaction at all! Being symptoms-free is now beginning to open a whole new culinary world for me! Perhaps now I'll go to India. -Cheryl

For more than one year my body was trying to tell me something and regardless of how many traditional attempts to ease the symptoms, I was suffering great pain. About six months into the pain I began to grow very concerned because I was experiencing signs of colon cancer. Fortunately, screenings came back negative and relief set in, but only so much. Pain was still prominent in my daily life, including extreme dizziness, lack of energy, migraine headaches, severe gas and bloating, and the oh-so-awful hemorrhoids (internal and external). During a follow-up visit with the enterologist, I inquired about the possibility of having a food allergy. When his response was that food allergies couldn't possibly affect my colon, I realized western medicine wasn't going to solve my problem. So I began to eliminate things from my diet like white flour and eating more "healthy" options like wheat tortillas. After speaking with Lucia, I understood checking into food sensitivites was my best next option. So I drove all the way from Nashville, Tennessee to investigate. Well worth the drive! As it turns out, I am having a negative reaction to wheat, sugar, dairy, soy, and tomatoes. As a vegetarian, all of those items, excepting sugar, were a major part of my diet. Even though I wasn't able to fit complete treatment into my visit, Sam and Lucia helped to identify foods I could eat that my body recognized as safe. After eliminating the identified foods from my diet, the digestion pain, headaches, lack of energy and dizziness have been disappeared. I had no idea what kind of pain I was suffering until it was actually gone. Within less than a week, I found myself happier, more satisfied because I was no longer dreading using the bathroom or worrying about what is wrong with me and how might it affect me. The best immediate result for me as a bicyclist was the healing of the hemorrhoids. I can ride again and I'm very much looking forward to driving back to Asheville for more treatment so that I can have chocolate cake smothered in chocolate icing for my birthday in July! -Shannon

After being diagnosed with food allergies to wheat, dairy, corn, and a few others at the age of seven, eating for me became and remained very difficult. My allergies would manifest in behavioral symptoms, both anxiety and anger related, and by my twenties I was suffering from a myriad of digestive symptoms, including hemorrhoids, extreme nausea, IBS symptoms, lethargy, and insomnia. Additionally, my food allergies were so severe, especially to corn, I was unable to eat at restaurants or at anyone’s house and had to make my own food from scratch and subsist on a boring and depressing diet of millet and goat cheese. After multiple AAT treatments, all of my symptoms have disappeared. I am now able to go to parties and restaurants and enjoy life just like everyone else, and my even tempered moods have improved every aspect of every relationship I have. AAT completely gave me my life back. – Sara

In the past few years I have grown used to needing more water than those around me, carrying water everywhere, drinking 12 ounces before bed and waking up dehydrated anyway, drinking another 20 ounces before breakfast, etc. And even though I drank at least 12 glasses a day, I would routinely get dehydrated. For me, dehydration meant exhaustion, irritability, and foggy thinking, since I didn’t experience thirst. I thought I just ran hot, which made sense, given my other personality traits. I was offered an AAT session at a seminar and declined, thinking I had never had a recation in my life. Long story short, I was treated for salt and my life has changed dramatically. If I drink anything before bed I end up waking in the night to urinate. I drink reasonable amounts of water when I’m thirsty, and otherwise don’t think about it. It’s only now that I realize just how unusual my relationship with hydration was. -Giovanni


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