Our First Recommended Product:

To say that our family dynamics has improved much since EHT came into our lives would be an understatement. I know now that I attack my job, my projects, and my daily life like I never did before. Frustration, fatigue, loss of focus are becoming a distant memory.  I have more energy, and I am able to focus better at work in my full-time professional job. I know my wife appreciates that I can remember little details like numbers and random facts more easily than I have before! 

Projects that kept getting put off are not only being started, but — more importantly — finished. The biggest difference, and the most valuable to me, is that my friends and family say I am able to listen and pay attention to them better, while seeming more focused and less distracted. I feel that I have a menu of options that were never available before and without any side-effects. I am able to communicate and interact with my wife more deeper than I ever imagined. For this I am truly grateful! 

One of my teenage sons explained that EHT has changed his life significantly because it It has helped him become better at remembering and organizing small details of both long and short-term events. It has given him confidence and a sense of calm throughout his day, including when taking stressful tests and participating in varsity sports. When called upon to give an impromptu opinion or idea to a group, he finds that his brain is no longer racing all over the place because he can slow down and complete his thoughts. The lack of racing thoughts has greatly improved his sleeping. His parents see that EHT has transformed him into a young man who's ready for all of life's challenges! 

My eight year old son is taking it now and we never get a report from school that he is not focussing or paying attention. We can truthfully say it's a breakthrough product that has no equal. If you tend to be forgetful, lack mental focus or experience brain fog, or are concerning about age related mental decline, you need to try EHT and experience the results for yourself!

We receive EHT through a partnership with Nerium, a relationship marketing company, but you can purchase this product without participating in this opportunity if you choose. EHT runs from $50-$75, plus S&H and local taxes, depending on whether you select automatic delivery (ADO) and whether you buy products for more than a single person. Another nice perk is that EHT can be FREE if you invite and three people sign up for automatically delivery.

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